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Free book

This book is a powerful resource that covers real-world lessons learned in the trenches so that you can get more done while working less.Just some of what you will discover:

  • Discover the Ultimate Secret That ALL Rich and Successful Entrepreneurs Use

  • Get An Extra Hour of Productive Work A Day By Using Three Tools

  • Advanced Strategies To Maximize Your Most Valuable Asset ... Your Time

  • Find A Way To Overcome Procrastination And Tap Into Boundless Energy

  • Take Advantage of The MOST IMPORTANT Time Management Technique…

  • Get Rid Of Time Vampires and Re-Take Control Of Your Calendar

  • Eliminate Procrastination and Never Again Feel Guilty About Your To-Do List

  • Utilize The Single Best Goal Setting Technique Ever

  • Develop A Personal "Hour-a-day" Plan To Get You On The Fast Track… While Blasting Through Your Own Limits

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Free Resources

Let's get started on this road together with some great free resources. The first download is Part 1 of my Triple-Double Blueprint which is a great way to quickly grow your business. This will get you started on the key foundation principles to grow your business.
The other resources are from my book and available to you now, for immediate download.


Our reach extends across San Diego, California, the United States, and beyond, positively influencing thousands of entrepreneurs. Here are a few success stories from individuals who have experienced firsthand the transformative power of the book and its strategies. These stories reflect how our resources have empowered entrepreneurs to unlock new levels of success in many different businesses.

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When I started, I was selling my life-changing online marriage counseling system for $100 and just learning how to market online. I sold $4K worth of product in my first year. Through Henry’s coaching, I quickly grew my business to $108,050 the second year, the third year I topped $360,000 in revenue. Now I’m on a 7 figure run rate for this year!
I can’t recommend Henry enough. I like to say he’s a gift to the planet, he makes that much of a difference.
Amy Barnhart
Owner, StrongMarriageNow.com

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Does it work? My company has been able to grow significantly during the recession as well as the weak economy that’s followed. We’ve managed to increase our margins as well as grow total sales another 37%. And most recently, we’ve grown our number of locations from 6 to 12 and now to over 70 locations nation-wide. We wouldn’t be experiencing this rapid growth without the things I’ve learned from Henry.Matt Hedman
Founder, The Perfect Workout

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Joining the “Get Clear Marketing Team” is hands-down the best decision I’ve made with regards to results and profitability. We’ve witnessed more growth and positive feedback from customers in the past year and a half since joining, than we have in our 10 years of owning our business!If you want to put your business on the EXTRA fast track, the Mastermind Groups, Get Clear Marketing 8 Week Master Class, or Henry’s one-on-one private business coaching are sure-fire paths to get there.Best of all, Henry is probably one of the nicest, genuine and most business-savvy coaches I’ve met. He is very passionate about helping others and it shows. Check it out and see how your business will profit….I promise you will NOT be disappointed!Kim Warner
Owner, Air Plus Heating and Cooling

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Thanks for the challenge Henry! I have 15 more customers in the last 30 days, and I am converting at about 80% of my calls which is much more than usual. It is awesome! I will tell you more! God bless!Nick Sidon
CEO, Nick's Dryer Vent Cleaning

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My business has completely changed. By following these direct response marketing principles, I’m able to work with my ideal clients to fulfill their dreams with custom jewelry and it’s allowed me to take more time off to spend with family. I’ve already had my first 6 figure revenue month this year – I’m living proof that these principles really work!Vanessa Nicole
Owner, Vanessa Nicole Jewels


Get Clear Marketing (GCM) was created to help small business owners gain clarity about their marketing and business growth.We do this by providing a proven success roadmap with our Triple Double Blueprint. This is a framework specifically designed to help small business owners grow.You can see a section of the Triple Double Blueprint below.It clearly defines that marketing converts suspects to prospects. Sales then converts prospects to customers & clients.And, finally, you have champions who talk about you to others and refer in new prospects, thus completing the cycle.

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The power of the Triple Double Blueprint is to help you go quickly and easily through the steps of this process so you can get the leads, sales and profits that you deserve in your small business.GCM MISSION STATEMENT
We empower motivated small business owners to
1. Double their leads
2. Double their time off
3. Double their take home pay
All with clear, proven strategies that have worked 1000's of times.
1. Betterment – Continually pursue growth, learning and betterment
2. Integrity – Absolute integrity in all that we do
3. Genuine – Always be genuine and reliable
4. Helpful – Look after our clients’ best interests
5. Ethical – Follow the golden rule… treat others how you would like to be treated
6. Optimistic – Always be positive, uplifting and faith-filled
7. Profitable – Revenue & profit are the positive result of value created & lives bettered
Learn more about our founder, Henry, on his best-selling book website,


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